How To Understand An English Conversation

When you start learning English, it is difficult to understand spoken English. English conversation sounds fast to English students.

In the video below, you learn how to use listen and answer English stories (mini-stories) to better understand English conversation.

Learning English is easier when you use this English learning method.

When you use this method you learn real English grammar by listening and answering questions in the story.

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58 Responses to “How To Understand An English Conversation”

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  • Tania Says:

    I’ve been have difficult about real conversation.It’s so fast for me, but, after listening and make effort, i think i’ll get it.

  • bulgankhuu Says:

    thank you help me Advanced conversation club. I’m wish study English. But don’t speak English. But you can learn. promise.
    thankh you everybody.

  • fiona Iradukunda Says:

    I write English but it’s hard for me to say. I feel nervous when I’m speaking English.But thanks a lot for your e-mail i like them

  • kalees Eeshma Says:

    i m a new user so i want to know abot how do speak english

  • Dereje Says:

    Dear, I admire your effort to make English an easy language to speak, to understand and to communicate by it,

    Keep it up!

  • Poonam Says:

    I can write english but I can’t speak when someone talk to me in english I get narvious that’s why I lost my confidence. I want to join a center where people talk only in English then I wil improve .if you know any english learning center so please tell me

  • ragab Says:

    thanks very much i that is very good

  • rohit Says:

    Evryday I’ll trying to talk english fluently but at the same time when I talk my mind will full washed peoples ask me the question I didn’t get it.and I feel like unconscious so give some tips and please leave a message for me…..

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